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All Things Country NSW proudly carry some of the world's best known brands including Wrangler, Ariat, Cinch, Twisted X, Cruel Girl, Akubra, Thomas Cook Clothing & Boot Co, Roper, Outback, Swanndri and much more all under one roof. We carry boots, shoes, and clothing for men, women, and children whether you are looking for a complete outfit or a fun accessory to finish off a special look. In fact, we carry over 1000 pairs of boots and shoes and can fit virtually any size foot.
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Get in touch with us

Any questions? Feel free to drop us a line by phone, or fill out the form below to send us an email.


Phone: (02) 6947 1160


Fax: (02) 6947 1169


ABN: 30904416843


Address: 108 Wynyard Street
Tumut, NSW 2720